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The Dalmatian

Syrah 2017 | Stellenbosch

4.5 stars - Platter guide

Dark ruby in colour, a subtle nose of dark fruits (cherries, blackcurrants and loganberries) with a whiff of violets. Luscious blackberry notes and a hint of spice on the palate supported by subtle French oak integration – well rounded, finely balanced, smooth tannin structure and a long finish.


DNA research reveals that Dalmatia (Croatia) and the Dalmatian coast is the mother land for the Viognier grape varietal, where it is known locally as ‘Vugava Bijela’.


The Dalmatian is a style of wine that takes inspiration from the Northern Rhone by adding Viognier to the Syrah in varying quantities of between 3-10%, depending on the vintage.

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The Emperor Probus

Viognier 2018 | Elgin

4.5 stars - Platter guide

Deep bright gold - whiff of cream and clementine, peach and quince, with hints of vanilla and judicious oak maturation overtones. Tropical notes on the pallet also display white juicy fruits of lychee and apricot. Rich, concentrated, and with mouth-watering appeal, this full bodied yet soft wine will round out to become even longer and more lingering.


In 281AD, the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Equitius PROBUS carried ‘Viognier’ vines up the river Rhone to an area known today as Condrieu.


These vines originated in his homeland territory of Dalmatia (current day Croatia), where this varietal is known as ‘Vugava Bijela’, a name lost en route, becoming instead Viognier, possibly due to passing through the Roman Gaul town of Vienne.


The Ancient

Viognier 2017 ('Orange' wine) | Elgin

Tasting Notes

4.5 stars - Platter guide

90 points - Tim Atkin guide

Bright amber orange - deep brooding dried fruits, marmalade and a touch of herbs - very fragrant - Notes of orange rind and mandarin abound on the pallet. Rich, concentrated, with great unctuous and opulent flavours of wild tropical fruits create a mouth watering appeal. This full bodied yet soft wine will round out to become even longer and more lingering over the next 5 years. Pair with chicken dishes, asian fusion, mild curries and bobotie.



‘The Ancient’ refers to the style of wines that were often made some 2,000 years ago by the peoples of Mesopotamia, Thebes, Greece and ancient Rome who made ‘orange’ wines from green grapes that were soaked and macerated on their skins both prior, during and post fermentation.

This practice led not only to fuller flavoured and more tannic wines, but also influenced the wine’s colour by creating hues of dark gold, amber and orange.


The Unyielding

Syrah 2018 | Elgin


Not yet tasted 

Bright ruby colour, nints of small red and dark berry fruits on the nose with a touch of spice and a whiff of new oak. The palate is intensely vibrant and elegant, with a good clean acidity and flavours of blueberry, violet and morello cherry. Subtle tannins, a balanced mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste shall allow this wine to develop nicely over the next 8-10 years.


Named on account of the low yielding clone SH22, The Unyielding Syrah is a wine produced from finite volumes of intensely elegantly flavoured grape clusters which create a wine of extreme focus.

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Syrah 2017 | Stellenbosch

4.5 stars - Platter guide

Bright, clear dark inky colour - notes of dark forest fruits, dark cherry and a hint of spice on the nose followed by a crystalline palate of tightly packed, ripe, damson, loganberry and blackberry. A good acidity on the palate provides this wine with a good backbone to age. It is finely balanced with soft tannins and will benefit from maturing in correct cellaring conditions for 5-8 years.

Ironstone is common place in the Cape, and often referred to as Koffie-klip by Afrikaans speakers, or it’s anatomical name ‘Ferricrete’. Reddish brown in colour it belies a depth and substance to the wine that adds a certain power of flavour.



Syrah 2018 | Elgin


Not yet tasted

Bright, clear medium + ruby colour - notes of dark forest fruits, earth, porcini, maraschino cherries and a hint of spice on the nose followed by a soft elegant palate of tightly knit, ripe, recurrants, dark plums and loganberry. A good acidity on the palate provides this wine with a good backbone to age for 5-7 years.

Named on account of the soil type, ‘Cartref’ is one of the over-riding soil aspects in this vineyard planted in 2004. A lightish chocolate brown in colour and rich in organic carbon, I believe this influences the resulting wine with a scintillating elegance and persistence on the palate.


Rose Quartz

Viognier 2018 | Elgin

4 stars - Platter guide

Bright pale gold colour. Highly aromatic, with aromas of white peach and jasmine. Tropical flavours abound on the palate with subtle overtones of oak, followed by a richly integrated mouth-feel of pineapple, clementine, quince and peach. Soft, fresh, medium to full bodied; an ideal accompaniment to fish, warm salads and poultry dishes.

This vineyard possesses an attraction for the naked eye through the white and pinkish hues of quartz found speckled over the surface. A soil undoubtedly destined for white grapes, the Viognier performs very well in this geological environment. 

Hilton Eau de Vie Viognier with gift box

Eau de Vie ('Grappa')

Viognier | Elgin


Limited production, single cultivar Viognier, alembic copper pot distilled by Dr.Edmund Oettle; this Eau de Vie de Marc, ultra premium quality husk spirit (Grappa), is made from both Viognier skins and wine, double distilled with the utmost care and patience, offering the consumer a magical experience for an after dinner ‘digestif’.


Best served with an espresso, a piece of premium cacao chocolate and small glass of sparkling mineral water for the ultimate experience ( Vol.43%).